VHTS ERROR NYC x EVAN TATTOO Collaboration combat shorts

VHTS ERROR NYC x EVAN TATTOO Collaboration combat shorts

Obsidian is the theme of a new collaboration between three New York based brands —

VHTS, ERRORNYC, and EVANTATTOO. It is known for its timeless beauty,

usefulness, and multifaceted appeal; characteristics all three hold in the highest regard.

In the pursuit of constantly pushing the idea of what a martial arts uniform can convey,

hidden elements, such as the bubbles and iridescence often found in Obsidian, can be

seen throughout the kimono. ERRORNYC’s signature reversible wear is a homage to

the multitude of different ways in which Obsidian can be used.

Obsidian’s smooth sides, yet sharper-than-surgical-steel edge are a direct

representation of the core idea behind VHTS. Be smooth in the technique, yet sharp

with intensity and precision. Be Very Hard To Submit. This outlook remains a constant

within EVAN TATTOO’s micro graphic tattooing style as well. His technique— incredibly

sharp details creating a smooth, beautiful piece of art, has amassed him an enormous

loyal following, just as Obsidian has for thousands of years.



polyester 80% x Lycra 20%

Matte and crispy texture

woven patch

Spandex inner lining

Mouth guard pocket

High quality embroidery